November 12, 2014

Christmas Haul

Ok, Ok, I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet but in the blogger world, Christmas is everywhere. Department stores are putting up their trees and setting out Christmas merchandise. I was trying to convince my husband to put up the tree......"pumpkins are out for two months....Christmas trees are only up for one month, so unfair." Here I am doing a Christmas post in mid November. I don't know if you notice but it seems like once December is here a lot of the good Christmas merchandise is sold out. So, to help my fellow readers get their Christmas trimmings, here are the new items I've purchased for far. ;)
 Most of the items I purchased from Target. Don't you just love Target? They have great price points and designer looking items. LOVE.

  1. Joy Sign- $12
  2. Cookies for Santa placemat-$11.99 (4 online) or $1.99 for one in the store. 
  3. Wishing you the Merriest Christmas Sign- $5.00
  4. Blue Nutcracker- $3.00 (dollar section)
  5. Gold Pinecones- $3.00 (dollar section)
  6. Framed Berry Placemat- $15.99 (4) or $3.99 each
  7. Santa Tablecloth- $4.99
Hobby Lobby
Cinnamon Sticks- $3.99 for a pack

  1. Gold Star Tree Mat- $17.95
  2. Linen Gingerbread Cushion Cover- $17.95
  3. 2- Pack Christmas Ornaments- $5.95

Check out H&M for a lot more Holiday decor. There were so many items I wanted to buy on that site. Infact some items I had in my cart sold out before I could purchase them. :( 

 I love these placemats from Target. My Mom saw these and had to go out and buy them for herself. It's funny because these actually reminded me of a Christmas apron she once had. It all comes full circle.
I added the gold pinecones and cinnamon sticks to a large white bowl and called it a day. Sometimes the most simple arrangements are the most elegant. I hope you liked my little haul. If you have any questions about the products or where to get them just comment below and I will do my best to help you out. 
As always, 

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