December 23, 2014

New Guest Bath Reveal!

Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the house construction guys were hammering, renovating my house. Dust was flying, it wasn't much fun, in hopes that a bathroom soon would be done.

We are finally finished remodeling our guest bathroom. It's been redone a few times: Second remodel but never completed. I've always wanted to redo the flooring we put in and do something with the tile in the shower. I was originally going to paint the tile and tub but I was afraid of the toxic fumes that would be emitted. A couple of things lined up that just made it incredibly easy to do the reno, a week before Christmas. I had the tile sitting in my garage, a contractor that had worked on my Mom's porch was available and gave us a great price. He wanted to start immediately. I was beyond excited.

I wish I could tell you what kind of tile is in the shower, I can't. It's been discontinued and by some miracle, I got a lot of it for free. We are also going to be redoing our master bath with this tile. We break ground on our master the week after Christmas.

I love this little whale faucet cover we got at Target on sale awhile back. I also purchased a little whale bin to put my kid's bath toys in, it's hidden behind the curtain. ;)

The floor tile! I thought it was a pretty good price and it matched our free tile perfectly. 
The floor tile I purchased from Lowes. It only cost $100 to do the whole floor. It's called Rial to White Porcelain, at least that's what it said on the price tag. I purchased the oil rubbed bronze shower hardware from Home Depot. After all was said and done, we made 5 trips to Home Depot alone.

The tub was also a Home Depot purchase. We originally had a metal tub and I wanted either fiberglass or plastic. Since our bathroom doesn't have any air circulation it can get pretty chilly in the winter and the metal tub gets very cold. I ended up choosing a plastic tub because it had a large lip on the edge, perfect for keeping toddler splashes in the tub and not overflowing on the floor.

I couldn't be more happy with this renovation. It's been a long time coming. That is one big check mark off my long list of home improvements. I have a few more exciting projects coming your way so check back and see what other shenanigans I am up to.

As always, Enjoy!

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