January 27, 2015

Board and Batten Shutters

This came all of a sudden, as some ideas do. I was on Craigslist looking for something...can't even remember and came across some board and batten shutters that I liked. They only had one set available but it got me thinking.....instead of having the regular run of the mill shutters. Which I have to mention, at least 3 houses on my block have. Why not mix things up and put up something different? So like many of my purchases, I see if there are any available on Amazon because I get free shipping and I'm a sucker for free shipping.
I found the perfect ones!! They are black vinyl Board and Batten Shutters.

Available on Amazon exactly the size I needed and for only $55.24 for a pair. Not bad since regular shutters cost that at my local hardware store. I have three front windows on the outside of the house and so I decided to scoop up three of these babies. 
After looking on Pinterest at Board and Batten shutters I realized some of them had this really ornate hardware. I found out they are called S-Hooks. I really loved how it gave the shutters an old world southern feel. 

7" Shutter Dogs (set of 2) S-Hooks Holdbacks window Hardware black to be exact. They were only $6.48+3.99 shipping on Amazon. Here are a few of the pins on Pinterest that got me going............
Board & Batten Style Shutters.  "S"-Holdbacks located on lower left and right panel.

Board-and-batten shutters (these are from Designer Doors www.designerdoors.com) give a house a picturesque look.
Gorgeous right? I couldn't believe it never occurred to me before. Sometimes it's the thunderbolt ideas that are the most fun....not the ones you let simmer for awhile. 
My wonderful husband put them up for me. It didn't take him too long after he got the first pair up.
I guess these are categorized as a Southern style shutter. I think it gives a bit of  flair to my Texas cottage. Now, most of the s-hooks I saw in pictures were located on the bottom of the shutters. I wanted mine to be front and center. 

The hardware that the S-hooks came with didn't work on these vinyl shutters. My husband had to improvise and just screw them in as tightly as he could so they would stay in place. It was almost a bust but I really wanted these beauties on my new shutters. 

I actually love that these shutters are vinyl so I don't have to worry about repainting or replacing them. This could be a great DIY project. I thought of making these out of wood myself but honestly, these were exactly what I wanted. 
I absolutely love my new shutters. It makes my windows look so much bigger. My husband wasn't too thrilled about this project but after seeing them all up he did agree that it made the windows look better. Soon we will be getting new windows installed in the whole house. I can't wait to document that for you and let you know how it went. Until then.....I can just look at my beautiful black board and batten shutters. <3


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