February 2, 2015

Hearts, Flowers and all that Jazz

I can't believe it's February. Where did January go? I still have to remind myself it's 2015! Of course Valentine's Day is coming and even though my husband and I don't really celebrate it that much. I always like to decorate and make it special for the kids. If you have some of your Christmas items still out....good for you, you're ahead of the game. I had to bring back out my red throws, pillows and even wreaths. I like to be able to recycle those items for more than just once a year. 

This wreath was up for Christmas, with a black check ribbon it looks more current. Plus, it kind of looks like roses doesn't it? 
 Just a simple small pillow I found in the dollar section of Target a year ago. I coupled it with a larger pillow so it wouldn't drown in the chair. 
Shhh, this white pillow is from Christmas, just turned around. :)

 I made this Heart garland a few years ago, Here is the tutorial. I just draped it across the existing wreath. I like simple things like this. It shouldn't take you more than a hour to decorate for a small holiday. 

This pillow was out at Christmas. Now it is perfect for Valentine's. 

Do you recognize this wreath? I had an orange flower on it for fall. Again repurposed for another holiday. 

A simple red check ribbon I got on clearance at Michaels. 

Score! Found at the dollar section in Target this year ($3). I just added a ribbon I already had.  Perfection! 
A glass conch sits on a side table with shredded sheet music and felt hearts. 
 These are my kids Valentine's Day mail boxes. They are chair backers from Pottery Barn. So sweet. 
No need to fuss on new decorations. Use what you already have. Add a bit of ribbon here and there and it looks fresh and new. 
I hope you're having a good year so far. 


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