February 18, 2015

Making an Entrance

(As you can see we were picking out pavers. We went with the two on the right.)
Our front porch is quite small and bland. It was just a simple concrete slab (30 year old slab). I thought it looked dirty, old & ugly. I tried to find an outdoor rug to cover it but could never find the right size. I finally decided it just needed to be completely covered up with pavers. I was contemplating installing slate tile down but since we have it in our entry way I thought it would be a bit bizarre to have it outside too. 

I finally settled on some square and rectangle pavers from Home Depot. They were approximately $1 each and we needed 160 of them for our 5X6ft area. I originally was going to do it with my husband and just use paver sand but after speaking to the contractor who worked on our bathrooms he suggested we grout instead and he gave us a reasonable price for the job. I'm glad we went with a professional. 

Within an afternoon it was done and it only cost a few hundred dollars. I am so thrilled with the results. It made a bigger impact on our house than I thought it would. It was completely worth it. Infact I am thinking about extending it out or possibly doing our side and back yard. 

I love how it looks like an old cobblestone rd. The grey colors really match the house well and give it more of a traditional cottage feel. I wish we could have done our side walk too. Maybe that can be another project for the future. 

Have you had any projects involving pavers? Any tips or tricks you picked up along the way? 
I'd love to hear from you. 


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