February 25, 2015

New Windows!

New windows is the one item I wish our house already had when we purchased it in 2008. It's one of those things everyone wants but no one wants to get done. It's pretty pricey. My husband and I finally looked in to see how much it would cost to have new windows and sliding glass doors. Since we had a lot of trouble opening the sliding glass doors to let our kids out in the backyard this was a major priority. There was also safety concerns, some of our windows wouldn't lock properly. 
My Brother and my Mom recently had new windows installed. I decided to get the company they used along with Lowes & Home Depot to come out and give us a quote. Well, the window company was pretty high. Lowes was very reasonable and Home Depot never showed up. Needless to say we went with Lowes. 
It took about 4 weeks to get the windows in and another 2 weeks to set the date for installation. we ordered them early December. I think this is a great time to order and get a quote since this is their slow season. It was also unseasonably warm and so when they were ready to install it wasn't very cold. 
(My little boy wanted to help.)

It only took 4 hours to install the sliding glass doors and 4 hours to install 8 windows. Two different installation companies came out. One to do the doors and one to do the windows. They were very courteous and cleaned up after themselves. I could not be more happy with my Pella windows. 
I can tell a difference in the warmth of our home as well as the noise. I don't hear as much outside noise coming in, it's wonderful. 
I decided to go with white grids in the front of the house to give it a clean new look. I'm glad I didn't go with the dark bronze color. I think it wouldn't have come out as crisp. Plus, the bronze color would have been custom meaning more money. 
I also went with grids on the sliding glass doors to give it a french door look. I must say it makes them look like large windows. They turned out so much better than I thought they would. I didn't think windows would make this much of a difference but it really does. 
They say you don't make your money back on windows. Given the amount I paid, a tax break for the new eco windows, not to mention saving us on our electric bill, I say we made out pretty well. 
Have you had any windows installed? How was it for you? I'd love to hear from you. 



  1. I'm glad that you are satisfied with the installation of your new glass door and windows. It looks great, by the way. Glass windows are great source of lighting. So, it will surely let you save on your electricity bill. To add to that, it will also make your house look more spacious. You made a great choice, Courtney! :)

    Lynne Hollaran @ Sub Urban Glass

  2. Loved reading this and hey from a fellow Texas gal. Those windows looks so much cleaner and sleeker than the old ones. I know Texas season can be a beating, so good windows is a must. Seems like the AC or the heat is always on. Mostly the AC though.

    Christie Goodwin @ Window Enhancements LLC

  3. I must say, I love your new windows! I think getting new windows does really add value to your home. Firstly, from an environmental prospective, you are not consuming as much energy. Secondly, you are saving money as less heat is escaping through the gaps between the windows. I think you made the right choice on the colour, too.