April 1, 2015

A few New Easter things....

It seems every year I do a post about Easter Decor. It's a very fun holiday to decorate for. So much color and fun crafts you can do. Here was my post on Easter 2014. Also I thought I would include 2013 too. I pretty much have the same stuff.....with the exception of a few new items I purchased at Target. I thought I would just show you some pictures of the new stuff. So here is more of a pictorial post on Easter Decor 2015. 
 I planted a new bush in our planter since our fern died from all the snow and ice we had just a month ago. I tried to find some tulips but couldn't find them anywhere! My Mom said you have to plant them in January in order for them to grow by Easter.
Our fireplace mantel this year with new bunting courtesy of Target. I actually purchased it last year for 75% off!! Score. I love after Easter sales. I took the wreath from our front door and hung it on our mirror using one of those command hooks and placed some Easter eggs in it for some color. 

 No more pinecones in the house. I replaced them with lemons and pears and added a small green (fake) plant for more greenery. 
 This is a new addition this year. I purchased it from the dollar section ($3). How cute is this? I can think of a ton of different places I could put it. That's one major plus to a holiday item, you know you can move it around year after year. 
 I purchased these small faux eggs last year at Target (after Easter). I think I only paid $1 for them. I just couldn't pass them up. They are just what I need in my decorative wood box. 
 Again, I left up my black ribbon wreath and just added a turquoise ribbon for a pop of color. This wreath is so versatile. Honestly....those wine corks aren't ours. We don't even drink wine at all. I just love the color and texture they bring to a space. I have to thank my mother-in-law for those. ;)
 This sweet basket I bought this year from Target as well. I think I purchased it online for BOGO with the basket below. I don't know what was with Target this year but they really blew it out of the park with these cute baskets. LOVE! 
I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter. 
It's actually supposed to rain on Sunday where I live.....I really hope it doesn't (fingers crossed). 
Thanks for reading!


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