August 24, 2016

All the Goings on.....

I'm sure for most of you school has started this week. It has for my Kindergartener as well. It's been a lot easier of a transition than I thought. Anyway, because of this I am going to be able to concentrate on my blog a little more. I really do miss it. I had a busy summer as I'm sure did you. It was nice to take a break even from decorating. Sometimes you get into a rut. I'm starting to come to the end of the tunnel and I see grey cabinets. :)

    Yes, I'm going to be repainting my cabinets. Before I can do that though I need to replace the hardware. No there's nothing wrong with the hardware on there right now but since I'm going grey, lol then I would like gold hardware. I'm going to show you every step of the way. I've been wanting to update my kitchen for some time. Here are a few inspirations from Pinterest:

kitchen details:
Via Pinterest

brass details:
Via Pinterest

dream house: those dreamy brass fixtures.:
Via Pinterest

the colors of the lower cabinets and wood floor seem right. seems a little bland without black framed windows, other minor black details like trim on lighting, and other light oak wood accents in accessories - the white may be too white.... and  i may prefer the lower and upper cabinetry to be the same color:
Via Pinterest

I'm actually thinking about keeping the top cabinets in my kitchen the same cream color. But who knows I might love the grey so much I do the tops as well. I think that will be a game time decision. I've already picked out the grey color and have the hardware pretty much ready. Now if this southern weather will be more accommodating then we will be on a roll. My next post should be on how I made my hardware gold. Yes, it was satin nickel when I purchased the you can follow along when I paint the hardware. ;) Wish me luck on the cabinets. I'm thinking they will be painted in the next two weeks (fingers crossed about the weather). I hope to talk to you soon.


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